We always think one step ahead

Finishing materials also always means individualising them. Logos, brand names or designs? In our vliepaprint business unit the possibilities are endless. Our powerful machines enable us to print on nonwoven fabric, paper or film. Our standard range for the customer-specific processing of materials consists of film made out of HDPE, polypropylene and polyester that can be applied as a laminate or also as selvedge film.  

In addition, our polypropylene nonwoven material and cardboard are also constantly available. We finish materials to your specific requirements and then produce them in the required formats, in narrow rolls or perforated.

Our production capabilities start at 4,0 μ and range to nonwoven materials of 400 g/m². Irrespective of whether it is nonwoven material, paper or film or if it is laminated or PE coated:

We deliver individual products in the desired format – from A4 to large formats.

In the case of pre-manufactured products and those auxiliary materials that are constantly in demand such as film, adhesive tape and nonwoven materials, we can even look after their storage and deliver the material to you on schedule. You benefit through greater storage capacity and more liquidity!

Naturally, vliepa is also pleased to act purely as a service provider. We finish your products to your specifications and guarantee at the same time that all of the logistics run smoothly.


vliepa – future on a safe track!