Roofing and construction materials from one source

All from one source. Our customers appreciate this added value.
We reliably provide our customers with all products dealing with industrial flat roofs.

As a result of the associated synergy effects and to optimally and reliably protect our vliepatex coatings on our customer‘s thermal insulation materials, vliepa has also thought through the processes required for pitched roofs.

With our vliepa pitched roof program, you can count on a holistic examination, consideration and preparation of the entire roofing system according to its required physical functions and processes. 
Our vliepavap air and moisture barriers provide reliable internal protection that helps to reduce energy consumption. In combination with our vliepaspan breathable membranes, as well as our adhesive systems specifically designed for the relevant type of roof construction, they offer a range of different tailor-made combinations for stopping, slowing down, reducing and eliminating diffusion.

We have set ourselves the task of combining the manufacturing process and the end application together in such a way that we can guarantee our customers the maximum level of product and processing reliability.

Why not receive individual advice for your construction project and find out about the opportunities and benefits you can achieve!

vliepa – Future on a safe track!