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Your specialist in the finishing of nonwoven materials, paper and plastic

Innovative products require modern expertise but also lots of experience. We have been active on international markets for the finishing of nonwoven materials, paper and film for almost 40 years. 
The company has helped to shape our sector and is one of the leading manufacturers of mineral coatings for the insulation industry.

The success of our company is no coincidence and the initial spark can be traced back to a formula for the production of breathable coatings in the PUR insulation industry that was patented by the founder of the company, Hans Schillings.

The range of products for the insulation, roofing membrane and roofing construction industry has been expanded over the years and the production locations have been continuously enhanced with a modern machine park. It is not just internationally renowned industrial customers that place their confidence in vliepa today as a competent and reliable partner for coatings in the insulation industry. The specialist trade and large roofing contractors also appreciate vliepa’s capabilities as an innovative supplier of many other roofing and building products, as well as individual customer-specific solutions for the finishing, laminating, printing and production of nonwoven materials, paper and plastic. And we also provide all this well beyond Germany's borders.

The company experienced an exemplary and successful generational change in 2008. He accelerated the growth of the company and has to this day ensured the continuation of its guiding principle: to deal with all employees and business partners in a trusting, long-term and socially responsible manner, as well as thinking and acting in a customer-oriented and quality-conscious way.

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