Our values –
our past defines our future

Tradition and long-standing expertise are combined with continuous innovation and investment in technology at vliepa. As the saying goes: our past defines our future! … and this is certainly the case 
at vliepa.

Characterised by our strict corporate values, we are innovative and modern yet at the same time traditional and family-owned – the epitome of a medium-sized company. The long-term success of 
our company is shaped by around 60 well-educated and highly motivated employees in the areas of development, production, sales and administration. In the process, a clear corporate structure, lean management, mutual respect and a high level of personal responsibility guarantee the capabilities and performance of vliepa.

The fact that markets are subject to continuous change is an opportunity for us to continue to shape the future, both at home and on international markets.

Our performance promise –
quality and high standards are the best recipe

In each of our three product areas  (vliepatex, vliepaprint, vliepabau) and at all value added stages from customer advice and the procurement of raw materials, production and storage through to delivery and service, we focus on delivering outstanding quality and excellent service in accordance with the wishes and preferences of our customers. Our internal structures help us to achieve this in a highly efficient and effective manner.

We face up to the competition by embodying the motto of becoming a little better every day.

Our objective – 
sustainable growth in harmony with the three concepts of economy, ecology and social responsibility

Sustainable growth at vliepa is achieved through the perfect interaction of internal processes and high standards – from the inspection of all substances, raw materials and additives and the development of sustainably viable products, strict production controls, documentation and traceability through to the punctual and environmentally friendly delivery to customers.

Economy, ecology and social responsibility are the three key principles for the sustainable growth of vliepa.

For example, vliepa switched over to solvent-free paints for its printing processes at a very early stage, using intelligent waste disposal and recycling solutions and has developed an internal energy efficiency management system.

Our motivation is to question existing systems, while our strength is the continuous improvement of processes and products through research and development.

Providing our customers with sustainable and tailor-made solutions will also secure steady growth for vliepa in the future.

vliepa – Future on a safe track!