Your partner with advisory expertise & product solutions relating to the roof

In our business area vliepabau, we offer an extensive and innovative range of products for the flat- and pitched roof and a large variety of further roofing materials.

Included in the offer of vliepabau we have, apart from separating and protective layers and vapour barriers, also roofing membranes together with accessories for the pitched roof and a large selection of adhesion technology products. Innovations at vliepabau are the result of the excellent proximity of our sales and marketing team to the customers and market, together with our own research and development team, who for a perfect triad with economy, ecology and social responsibility ensure our requirements to the highest and sustainable quality. Together with our customers, retail partners and big roofing contractors, we aim, within a long-term orientated cooperation, for a sustainable growth, both with the vliepabau brand products and tailor made Private Label solutions.

We can achieve this, because our customers can obtain a wide range of building materials from one source, which we continuously customize to the constant changing demands on the market.

With our individual and competent advisory service on-site, as well as the direct delivery to building sites we offer important processing and cost benefits i.e. competitive advantages to our customers.

For more than 40 years, vliepa stands for professional competence in the building-  and building material industry and maintains, together with the business areas vliepaprint and vliepatex  a leading position in Europe, e.g. mineral coating for insulation material. Thus our slogan also for vliepabau: 

vliepa – Future on a safe track!