Adhesive Technology

Sealing tape NKB/NKB 1S

Solvent-free, modified acrylic adhesive with high instant bonding

Sealing tape for LDPE and aluminium foil. 
Fulfils requirements according to DIN 18234, cross section <= 15 mm2.

Sealing tape BKB

Elastic mastic based on synthetic rubber, adhesive on both sides

The sealing tape BKB is a black, high-quality and highly adhesive sealing tape based on butyl rubber with plasto-elastic properties. When applied properly, the product's pronounced and highly adhesive properties deliver a solid bond on contact surfaces and thus a secure sealing effect. The self-amalgamating and ageing-resistant sealing tape BKB can be used for numerous applications due to its 
outstanding adhesion on cleaned surfaces made out of metal and 
non-metal materials.

Reinforced universal tape

Universal, solvent-free dispersion adhesive with sufficient instant bonding guaranteed on solid polar surfaces, as well as on unpolar, low-energy surfaces such as PE and PP foil and nonwoven materials. The smooth carrier material with scrim inlay on the foil carrier guarantees optimal adhesion on a variety of different substrates.

Designed for the energy-efficient sealing of pitched roofs and the weatherproof bonding of façade membranes. Due to its universal adhesive properties, it can be used as a system adhesive tape on flexible vapour barrier foils, underlay membranes and façade membranes, as well as on wooden panels in outdoor areas on their transitions at overlaps, joints, connections and penetrations.

Repair tape AL 1S

Self-adhesive sealing tape that can be fitted in a cold condition, made out of elastomer bitumen with a surface-treated and UV-resistant aluminium foil as a carrier, single-sided adhesive. 

Bonds and reliably seals metal, plastic, solid substrates, wood and glass. Suitable for sealing joints and cracks, gutters, roof and wall connections, roof claddings, eaves and flashings, glass roofs and greenhouses.

Adhesive tape VKB

Self-adhesive packaging tape with solvent-free acrylate adhesive with a good resistance to ageing, adhesive on one side, individually printed.

Other dimensions and carrier types available on request.

vliepabond cartridge adhesive

Solvent-free, self-adhesive and permanently elastic polyacrylate dispersion with a high resistance to ageing.

Highly effective, self-drying sealing agent for the professional realisation of permanent connections on standard vapour retarders and vapour barriers on solid building components, as well as for the airtight sealing of joints, overlaps on building components and joints in indoor areas according to DIN 4108/7. After curing, vliepabond sealing agent guarantees a secure and long-lasting hold for the planned mechanical stresses in the connection area.

Solvent welding agent THF

Solvent welding agent for welding vliepaspan T 310 2S.

When using the additional brush bottle, the membrane is coated on both sides with the solvent welding agent in one process to guarantee optimal and effective welding.

vliepapur roof adhesive

Moisture-curing, solvent-free, easy-flow 1-component polyurethane adhesive.

Suitable for bonding thermal insulating materials on flat roofs. Meets the strict standards of the wind load test in accordance with ETAG006 from the Institute for Industrial Aerodynamics at the FH Aachen. Easy-to-use thanks to its 1-component system based on polyurethane. Curing occurs due to the reaction with water and/or air humidity. Broad adhesion spectrum, permanently elastic, weather-resistant, solvent-free, odourless.

Ridge sealing tape 135

Self-adhesive sealing tape with high tear resistance and UV stability. Solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive on a PP nonwoven carrier with extra high surface adhesion and high tear resistance, single-sided adhesive. 

Airtight bonding and sealing of underlay membranes with a slightly rough surface in the area of the roof ridge, with sufficient instant bonding guaranteed. 

Nail sealing tape NDB 1S

Self-adhesive, closed-cell PE foam adhesive tape based on hot-melt synthetic rubber with a very strong initial adhesion, single-sides adhesive.

Universal PE foam sealing tape for permanently rainproof sealing, for use when mounting the battens with nail or screw penetrations, on roof and wall membranes.

Nageldichtband NDB

Self-adhesive, closed-cell PE foam adhesive tape with a double-sided, solvent-free and ageing-resistant polyacrylate adhesive.

Universal PE foam sealing tape for permanently rainproof sealing, for use when mounting the battens with nail or screw penetrations, on roof and wall membranes.

Seam tape NSKB 1S

Solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive on a nonwoven carrier with extra high surface adhesion, single-sided adhesive.

Airtight bonding and sealing of overlaps, connections and penetrations through flexible vapour barriers and underlay membranes with slightly rough surfaces in outdoor areas in accordance with DIN 4108-7.